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Green Garden Child Development Center

Madison Heights, MI

Amy Baker Architect, in collaboration with design partner, DoryAzar Architect, is excited to announce the expansion of the Green Garden Child Development Center.  Green Garden was founded on the belief that a safe, loving, and active learning environment should not be out of reach for parents needing early child care services.

Part of creating a safe and “green” environment included the use of recycled-content materials, low-VOC interior finishes, and keyless entry security systems.  At Green Garden, the outdoor classroom is just as important as the indoor classroom. The playground was designed with meandering bike paths, a variety of plants and trees for the children to explore as they change in color and texture throughout the year, and zones for different outdoor activities, including the beloved chicken coop. For indoor activities, it was important to select durable materials that can take some abuse and repeated scrubbing because exploration can get messy!

In addition to two new classrooms, a formal lobby area, several new child toilets, a larger kitchen, and improvements to hand washing facilities, storage, and lighting, we also focused on taking care of the teachers and staff. The expansion area added a new lunch room and a staff bathroom with their very own adult-sized potty, as well as two private offices.

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